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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  November 10, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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goods. easy to make items that are served cold. >> reporter: carnival decided tug boats will tour it back to san diego directly. the coast guard will provide escort. carnival says passengers on the ship will receive a fee cruise and a full refund. >> the ship is expected to arrive in san diego sometime tomorrow. more problems for the newest and largest jetliner. singapore airlines grounded three of its super jumbo jets after finding oil stains in the engine. this after a qantas 380 exploded over indonesia. they use the same engines, rolls roe trent 900. they returned them to service on frimpt three plane will be fitted with new engines. all of qantas's a-380s remain
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out of service. it's just about 4:31. a look at the forecast. meteorologist tom kearns joins us. >> more perfect autumn weather. can you stand it? here it comes again. right now we're in the upper 30s to low 40s around much of the region. it's 48, though, at national airport. that's one of the warm ots. a bit milder near the basement annapolis in the 40s. leonardtown as well. farther to the west, shenandoah, blue ridge, parts of central virginia in the mid-30s to 20s in west virginia on this wednesday morning. we do have a clear sky. we have the autumn constellations and reports of shooting stars. a few meteorites are flashing in the sky. we're still a week away from the peek leonids. sun today. by midafternoon we should make
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it into the low 60s. and sunrise is 6:4 sunset, 4:59. look at thursday, friday, and the weekend in ten minutes. how is the traffic, jerry? >> good morning. doing really well. capital beltway from springfield interchange, we're okay until you get to i-66. lots of overnight instruction. approaching the belay. it's been closed with detours in place. but they're pulling everything up right now. keep a watch just in case. no worries over here. both directions on the beltway moving smoothly. one more stop. check things out a little closer to i-270. there's the inner loop. so far so good. joe, eun. >> the district will break ground. the marquis hotel will be at the corner of 9th and massachusetts. it will cost $250 million to build. it was expected to attract more big events to the convention center. this four-star hotel will have
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more than 1,100 rooms and slated to open in 2014. now to the story everyone is talking about this morning. military leaders are trying to figure out what caused a mysterious plume of light that left a large vapor trail in the sky. it happene near catalina island. some say it reassembled a missi missile. >> reporter: good morning, eun. many people are asking what on earth was that? there was a strange vapor trail that seemed to rise om the ocean off the coast of los anles up into the air. many people are wondering exactly what happened yesterday. take a look at this video. actually, it was shot monday night by a news helicopter by kcbs in las vegas. it goes up into the sky, turning pink in the sunset. now it looked like a missile launched. a lot of people have been
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speculating ever since. the u.s. military has been investigating. they say they have no concrete explanation. there are no reports of anything suspicious in the area called in from other pilots. now, some experts say it was nothing more than an optical illusion. very interesting to look at. an optical illusion. a vapor trail that because of the angle appeared to rise vertically into the air when it was horizontal traveling across the horizon. quite a piece o video. a lot of people scratching their heads. to some it seemed like a missile launch. military spaerexperts say it wa them and there is threat to the u.s. >> megan, thank you. >> thanks, megan. president obama and first lady michelle obama are on their way
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seoul, south korea. they made a quick stop in india, indonesia and now landg in south korea before they go on to japan after the economic meetings there. last night the president visited the largest mosque in southeast asia. the president said it was under construction when he was six years old a living in jakarta. the president also delivered a speak at the university of indonesia. he left a few hours sooner than planned pause of concerns over an ash cloud from a deadly volcano in indonesia. more than a dozen men from west virgin west virginia are on their way to mecca. the local community say the
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men's rights were violated. craig melvin has the story. >> reporter: before and after evening prayers at the mosque in manassas, everyone is still talking about their 16 fellow muslims who almost did not get to make their hodge. >> i believe they were targeted because they have muslim names. >> reporter: the agency received the visas for their passports and overunited it back via u.p.s. the group was set to fly out fry evening. >> friday morning found out it was held by one of the government agencies. >> reporter: vice president of the muss minimum association of virgin virginia. >> we didn't get any explanati aso why the page was seized. >> reporter: ahmaed said he called homeland security to find out what happene
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customs and border released a statement saying the agency is committed to facilitang safe and legitimate travel. it encourages travelers to conclude arrangements for international travel well ahead of deadlines. but it is still unclear whether they flagged the passports and visa or the untied parcel service. in another state, u.p.s. said they informed the customer that a deposit seizure exception was in place. they added, quote, we cooperate withovernment agencies on security matters. while the muslim community in northern virginia des not know who yet is responsible, they are sure about one thing -- >> if the package had john smith written on there, i don't think these folks would have been under the situation they were put in. >> reporter: craig melvin, news 4 today. by the time the mistake was fixed be everyone had missed their flights but the government
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stepped up and footed the entire bill and passrt remaysments. the cost for them, $34,000. witnesses may include prison inmates who say ingmar guandique confessed to killing levy. her body was found not until a year later. the trial is expected to wrap up before thanksgiving. students and fellow faculty of a beloved american university professor said their good-byes. a vigil for professor sioux was held at the arena. she was found in her home in october. police believe she interrupted a robbery and was beaten t death. 18-year-old hamlin was arrested for unauthorized use of the car but no arrests have been made in the murder case. everyo who attended the vigil agreed she was always upbeat no
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matter what the tuation. >> always had a smile. and made accounting fun. how does anybody make accounting fun? >> we just all want to pay tribute to her. we all ms her. so i think it will be a good sendoff say gd ending or closure to the whole thing. >> professor marcum established the scholarship in her name in 2006. her family hopes contributions to it will be maden her memory >> 4:39. local police take a local approach to a crackdown in prostitution >> and betty white is in the district fulfilling a childhood dream. and a check of the morning's [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring
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good morning. time for weather and traffic. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now we have a clear sky and chilly temperatures. low 40s in arlington, fairfax, montgomery. mid-40s in prince george's. upper 40s in the district and the bay. partof virginia and west virginia down into the 30s. later today we should make it to around 60 degrees with sunshine. a few high clouds this afternoon. upper 30s tomorrow morning. sunny on veterans day and friday. how is the trafficnow, jerry? >> we'll start downtown with a water main break up on canal
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road. stopped the key idge. we understand hopefully within an hour or so they may get travel lanes open. traffic very, very light. canal off m street. heads-up for it. we'll keep a watch for it too. i-95 to 66 looking good. one more sto this go round. 270 the beltway toilver spring >> thanks very much. 47 degrees. where are some of this coury's ugliest 350e78? coming up, why you may not have to look for. >> thank you very much. >> geez! >> major renovations for the national mall. who will foot the big ugly bill?
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we're following this morning. the first of self tug boats reached a carnival cruise ship stranded in the pacific ocean. they have been stuck without any electricity since monday morning. they hope to tow it back to san diego by tomorrow. military leaders are trying to figure out what caused a mysterious plume of light that left a large vapor trail in the sky. a possible missile caught on top. happened monday night just noh of catalina islan it resembled a missile but they're not quite sure what it was. washington marriott marquis expected to draw major events to the district. the hotel is slated to open 2014. just moments ago, present owe bam and first lady michelle obama arrived in seoul, south
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korea. you are looking live as they just exited air force one, dpreeted by the dignitars. he spoke at the university of indonesia before living. the president in seoul, south korea for two visits. republican leaders may be tryingo get rid of michael steele as head of republican national committee smmpt gop officials are pressuring steel not to run for reelection when his term ends in january. they're unhappy with his fund-raising efforts, among other things. john boehner and mitch mcconnell were reportedly among highanking republicans who would like to see a new rnc chairman. he will sit down for a live inteiew with matt lauer.
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a day after the former president's home wars hit shelves. catch it right after news 4 today here on nbc 4 >> investigators hoping the internet will help them find a person who killed a fairfax county student. the 19-year-old was found stabbed to death in a car along route 50 back in june. e had just finished her second year at savannah college of art. a misunderstood joke may have provoked a shooting. joseph sharp jr. was a student. he and a fellow sdent were joking around in northeast monday night when they ran into three other guys. investigators said they matte the laughter was directed at them. shots were fired and sharps was killed. his family is left to cope with the loss as police continue to search for suspects.
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>> it really, really hurts. but as a father we just have to move on and say the lord has got him now. i'm happy for that part. >> the second teen who was shot remained in the hospital but is expected to survive. detectives say instead of prostitution stings they're now reaching out to local sex workers and ccking down owes kort web sites. they say it will help bring them closer to catching the pimps involved. one woman says she's thankful for the effort. she said she was beaten and abused after she answed an ad for an escort service. >> it is good. police are just trying to put us in jail and don't care what the situation is. but in other areas they want to help the girls get out of it and
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in a better situation. >> police are collecting information on customers in an effort to crack down on the demand side of human trafficking. leaders in alexandria want to increase the cigarette tax. they want toboost state funds and keep teens from smoking. right now it's 30 cents a pack. by comparison, maryland charges $2. in the district, $2.50. the council is holding a public hearing saturday. a final prosal will be introduced to the general assembly. >> america's front yard is getting a makeover. ken salazar signed an agreement to fix up the national mall. you can expect better maintenance and family-friendly facilities. the mall will also have an improved recycng program. it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. the trust for the national mall is raising money to help pay for the work.
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>> america cannot stand by and let the national mall continue to be a national disgrace. the national mall is our guide. trust is committed to raising the path of the required funds to restore and improve this space to make it something that we all can be proud of. >> the interior department says to help protect the mall plans to deny permits to some events that use heavy trucks and other equipment that can tear up the mall grounds. today hundreds of disabled amican vetans will gather for the ground breaking of a new memorial dedicated to them the day before veterans day. the disabled for life memorial will be located associate of washington avenue southwest. the memorial located on a 2.4 acre site will recognize the sacrifice disabled veterans have made in service to our country.
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gary sin niece is the national spokesperson. >> a lot of people would say it's about time. 4:51 is our time. timeor weather and traffic. >> this morning off to a clear start. temperatures in the suburbs, rural areas, low to mid-40s. 30s inhe mountains. by later today, upper 50s by noon time. by midafternoon, low 60s. a delightful day. and a few high clouds this afternoonnd evening. sunset, 4:59. overnight should be clear. down in the upper 30s by dawn tomorrow. during the day, veterans day, light and sunny. highs reaches the upper 50s. more of the same on friday and saturday. as we get into sunday, probably will have increasing clouds with afternoon highs 60. clouding up monday. perhaps monday night, into tuesday, we could get some rain. we have had quite an extended dry period. next chance of rain monday night
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or perhaps tuesday. highs in the 50s. both days. morning lows near 40. a couple reports of meteors in the sky this mning. those are probably not associated wh the leonids. those are ten days away. let's check traffic. jerry, how is it looking? >> good morning, tom. good morning, everyone. approach of the wilson bridge moving along well between alexandria and oxen hill. looks like ews just about wrapped up t water main break, canal road and m street. they're pulling up the cos. everything is wrapped up but the road is a little wet. let's make one more stop. 395, landmark to shirlington doing all right. >> 4:53. 50 degrees. new this morning, a brand-new report on how much money feral workers are taking home >> also, say it ain't so. who lists d.c. among the ugliest cities in e country? >> beg your pardon.
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the new sndard of the worl
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big night for comedian tina fey. the 13th annual mark twain prize for american comedy. she is the youngest ever award recipient. she was joined by amy poehler,
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seth. she thanked sarah palin who she im prers nated more than once for her success. gave her a lot of material. betty white got the honor of her lifetime. she was named honorary forest ranger by the forest center at the kennedy center yeerday. she said when she was she was lilg she had to be a ranger but they were not hiring women. she said she and her parents spent three weeks camping in the high sierra or yellowstone national park >> we would spend three weeks and not see anybody. yellowstone became my second home. and my teachers at school would say write another essay, but would you write about something other than yellowstone national park. >> betty white said her parents would have been, in r words, over the moon about the honor.
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she honored the newest mark twain award winner. congralations to both. >> that would be a wonderful job. a little boost to your ego early early this morning. you live in one of the ugliest cities in america. >> travel and leisure the most attractive and least attractive. washington ranked 30th out of 35 cities. boo. at least we're hotter than orlando, anchor acknowledge, baltimore and memphis. although i don't know if that's something much, joe. >> reporter: how attractive are people in washington, d.c. compared to other major cities around the country? according to a new online poll by travel and leisu magazine, you might be surprised where the district ranks?
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>> i would say three. >> between 5 and 10 maybe. >> number 2. >> reporter: not even close. according to the poll, washington, d.c. rax number 6 for most unattractive people in the country. >> whoa! >> wow! that's not the best in the world. >> wow! >> i don't think so. we have some beautiful people here in d.c. i'm from ohio, so i love it here. it's gorgeous, gorgeous people here in d.c. >> well, there something interesting looking people out here, i guess. >> reporter: why does d.c. get such a bad wrap? we went to the beauty expert, one of the housewives of d.c. and runs one of the top modeling agencies in town. >> i think people confuse politics and people conservative with style and being boring. so i just go on record saying i think washington has many


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